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GermaniX Transcoder is a simple and extensible audio converter.
GermaniX Transcoder comes with more then 30 formats, more then 20 languages, more then 20 skins and is simple extensible trough a simple .net API.
And the best, is totaly free for non commercial use.
You can download the Transcoder in our download section. Please feel free to give us a small donation - the server and development costs money and the software is for free.
  • GermaniX Transcoder

    GermaniX Transcoder, the best audio converter since 2002 …

    GermaniX Transcoder
  • Available in more as 20 languages, more as 30 audio formats and simple extensible

    Flexible and Extensible
Feel free to join our community, give us feedback and create custom addin, plugins and extensions.

GermaniX Transcoder comes with more then 20 languages.
With more then 20 skins
The Transcoder is coming with more then 20 skins.
Simple extensable
And have a simple API to extens the Transcoder with new formats, languages, plugins and extensions.

Verry simple and usefull tool. No need for tutorials – excellent work!
Clark Rogers, U.S.A.

What formats?

  • MP3
  • AAC
  • MP4
  • FLAC
  • OGG Vorbis
  • OPUS
  • TAK
  • MP2
  • and much more …

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New website …

New website …

After releasing the temp. site on VBB basis, we build in the background our new website on the wordpress CMS. We hope, we are now done with the website work and can stay longer on this site. Feel free... Read More »

Beta 4 Released …

Beta 4 Released …

We released the Beta 4 of v9.0 of the GermaniX Transcoder. This version contains only internal changes in the <Extension API> and some minor bug fixes from v8.9.x.x. You can download the version... Read More »